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Man Lift

Man Lift When a repair worker is working up high, the last thing they need to worry about is a wobbly ladder. All Terrain Aerial Lifts offers a range of effective and secure lifts to suit a variety of lifting purposes. When you're ready to know what a man lift can do for you, call 559.225.8000

Certain fire trucks have a man lift, known as a "snorkel", in lieu of a ladder. In the movie and television industry, cherry pickers are known as "condors" and are often used to suspend large lights above film sets. Some window cleaners also use them. A man lift may also be referred to as a "cherry picker". Cherry pickers are used in mining, construction, exterior painting, and sometimes by arborists who require a way to work safely in otherwise unclimbable trees. From 10 feet to 150 feet, All Terrain Aerial Lifts can get you where you or your workers need to be. We offer dozens of models of boom lifts, scissor lifts, mast booms, and vertical mast lifts to suit any and all of your personnel lifting requirements. When you need to work somewhere up high, getting there and staying there safely can be a real challenge. That's why All Terrain Aerial Lifts provides a range of sky jack lifts, NiftyLifts and lifting equipment made by MLE/ATAL, NiftyLift and Snorkel.

If your company has above ground maintenance or construction work that exceeds the safe reach of a ladder, a man lift is the type of heavy equipment for the job. Consisting of a platform with safety rails or a bucket that can lift one or more people to serious heights, an aerial man lift are commonly used to maintain facilities and complete a range of construction projects. When you're ready to know what a man lift can do for you, call 559.225.8000

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